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Why Choose An NAPR Recruiter
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Why Choose An NAPR Recruiter?

NAPR members subscribe to the highest ethical standards in the physician recruiting industry. The common goal on which the Association was founded and the motivating force behind it today is each NAPR member's sincere commitment to promote and advance the standards of professional practice.

NAPR members are committed to identifying qualified physicians based on criteria set by the client/employer.

Each member must agree to be bound by an ethics and arbitration process. The NAPR Ethics Committee, composed of peer physician recruiters who volunteer their time and expertise to maintain industry standards, immediately investigates any complaint lodged against a member. This system of self-regulation and peer review has been a key factor in the sterling reputation NAPR members continue to enjoy.

Being informed is a top priority to NAPR members. By attending specialized educational programs presented through the Association, members stay abreast of industry developments, stay attuned to marketplace changes, and increase the knowledge and proficiency of the entire profession.

NAPR members are efficient and reliable. The bottom line is that they do the work you expect.

NAPR members have refined the difficult job of matching physicians with client and employer's requirements into an efficient and cost-effective process. The range of services offered by NAPR members is broad enough to meet the most challenging recruiting needs.

Here are just some of the areas in which various NAPR members excel:

  • Physician search

  • Practice enhancement

  • Locum Tenens

  • Practice brokerage

  • Strategic Planning/Consulting

In addition, NAPR provides training to "in-house" and "for-profit" members so they can assist you with the interviewing process, contract negotiations, contract writing, relocation, partnership assistance, spouse career assistance, development of incentive and compensation packages, and follow-up services for assuring that new physicians make a successful transition into the community.

You can make the most of these services by joining now.

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Although all physician information is CONFIDENTIAL ...PLEASE NOTE:

The information you provide is for the benefit of NAPR members only and is further limited to those recruiting firms who have subscribed to the World Job Bank. The information you provide to the participating firms will be used discreetly and in accordance with standards and ethics to which all NAPR are required to adhere.

Your curriculum vitae is not available for viewing by the general public and we therefore urge you to provide accurate information in order to expedite and enhance our members' assistance with your job search.

Information about physician opportunities is updated on a daily basis so returning to our site over the course of your job search is strongly advised. To enter your preference profile in our database please Register Online.
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