National Association of Physician Recruiters

  • "Characteristics of a Top Producer and Cold Calling Techniques"
    This is a two-part session. The first part will cover the traits and characteristics of top performers as they relate to industry standards. The second half will cover advanced cold calling techniques from getting past the gatekeeper to the first conversation with a potential candidate.
  • "Anatomy of a Basic Employment Agreement"
    Every physician recruiter needs to understand the basic elements of an employment agreement and what is most important to physician recruits during these uncertain economic times. Mr. Powers, an experienced healthcare attorney, will discuss these topics and the ways in which recruiters can assist their clients in developing attractive employment agreements. The presentation will include a review of a standard Employment Agreement and a discussion of specific options that may make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful match.
  • “Rules of Engagement”
    A physician recruiter’s work is never easy and it is only getting tougher in these uncertain times. The burdens fall upon you to identify appropriate candidates to meet the needs of the facilities or groups you work with at a time when the supply of physicians in many specialties is tight, money to pay them is tight, your time to bring someone in is short, and the demands on you are great. As a recruiter (whether you work for a for-profit recruiting organization or as in-house recruiter) there are expectations for your performance and there are plenty of times when joining up and working together is the best way to insure success. Coming from different approaches with similar outcomes expected, how can recruiters from both types of organizations work best together? What makes for a successful relationship? What are some of the Rules of Engagement? This session will answer these critical questions.
  • "Up the Ante - Ask the Experts"
    Attendees will be afforded the opportunity to “ask the experts” specific questions relating to the day’s training. The session will be a Q and A format, and is intended to help attendees apply or practice what they have learned in the school. The techniques that will be utilized in this session will include Q & A and role play. Expect an exciting and lively session! The “experts” in attendance will be those instructors from the previous 201 school sessions.

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