National Association of Physician Recruiters

The National Association of Physician Recruiters recognizes as professionals all individuals who provide physician recruiting and other healthcare services whether they recruit for clients or for their own organizations. The NAPR stresses honesty, objectivity, integrity, quality and competency. Members of NAPR are obligated to conduct business in a manner which reflects positively on our profession and the Association. We are, first and foremost, all professionals in the healthcare field.

  1. NAPR members shall only refer a candidate to a client after receiving permission from both the candidate and client.
  2. NAPR members shall accept placement fees only from clients with whom they have signed agreements.
  3. NAPR members shall comply with all federal, state and local laws.
  4. NAPR members shall preserve all confidences of the candidate and client.
  5. NAPR members must compete in a fair and honorable manner.
  6. NAPR members must honor all contractual agreements.
  7. NAPR members shall maintain regular contact with candidate and client for the purposes of updating and consummating the placement (Procuring Cause).
  8. NAPR members shall withdraw a referred candidate's name immediately upon learning that another recruiter has previously and properly referred the candidate.
  9. NAPR members shall present only thoroughly screened candidates to clients.
  10. NAPR members, when clearing a candidate's name with a client, must immediately (by end of next business day) submit the candidate's Curriculum Vitae to the client.

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