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As a recommendation, the prospective employer should always be the first to bring up the topic of salary or compensation. Do not be concerned if the topic is not broached during your site interview. In some cases, the practice physicians, a hospital board, or a recruitment committee needs to meet prior to extending an offer. If the topic of compensation is brought up by the prospective employer, you may want to seek answers about the following financial package components.
• What is the practice’s overhead to revenue ratio? (This is a key indicator of how the practice is managed.)
• What is the current income distribution plan? (Are salaries divided equally or based on productivity?)
• Is there a productivity formula? Is there a threshold to reach before receiving a percentage of collections?
• Does the group use an RVU-based model? How does it work?
• Are all physicians equally productive?
• What is the retirement policy relative to the practice’s financials?
• What are the practice’s operating and capital budgets?

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