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Thank you for visiting this section of our website. The NAPR requires of its members strict adherence to our Code of Ethics and to maintaining appropriate standards of professional conduct.
Should you feel that one of our members has exhibited conduct contrary to our standards we welcome and encourage you to inform us of any contrary behavior by one of our members. Setting forth and adhering to the Code of Ethics distinguishes our membership and we are very proud of that distinction. We welcome your inquiries and comments.
Submitting a Complaint

  1. Anonymous Complaints will not be accepted.
  2. Call:
    Jane Born
    Ethics Chairperson
    Willard S. Kautter
    Executive Vice President
    407-774-7880 or 800-726-5613
  3. You will be asked to provide your name, address, company (if applicable) and telephone number and the name, address, company and telephone number of the entity about which you are filing a Complaint.
  4. You will be asked to provide a brief explanation of the circumstances.
    You may choose to list the sections of the Code of Ethics you believe were violated.
  5. An Ethics Committee Investigator will be assigned.
  6. The Ethics Committee Investigator will contact the Complainant (You) and the Respondent (entity about which a Complaint has been filed) to obtain information.
    a. You will be asked to provide the Investigator with a detailed account of the circumstances.
    b. You will be asked to provide the Investigator with copies of any and all pertinent documents regarding the allegation of unethical acts.
    c. The Investigator will also interview the Respondent.
  7. Following the investigation, the Ethics Committee will convene to discuss the Investigator’s findings and render a decision.
    a. The Ethics Committee can either find there is no violation of the Code of Ethics.
    b. The Ethics Committee will impose a sanction on the Respondent and may require the Respondent to submit a plan of corrective action.
  8. You will be notified in writing of the decision, as will the Respondent.