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The National Association of Physician Recruiters (NAPR) was formed in 1984 to provide an educational forum for search firms and to develop the most stringent Ethics Code in the Industry

From its modest beginnings in 1984, the NAPR has become the largest organization of its kind, having more than 300 physician recruiting organizations.

Why join the NAPR? The Code of Ethics that we have developed has brought the activities of the Physician Search Industry to a new level of professionalism and competence. Clients and Physicians can now expect consistent and a high level of consultation in their relations with the search firms. Confidentiality is strictly protected, and physicians are assisted at all levels of their searches with interview assistance, credentialing, reference checking and multiple other services…

Firms and Hospital in-house recruiting staffs can attend two national educational conventions held in the spring and fall where major speakers and trainers are brought to educate NAPR members on the latest techniques and legal issues involved in Physician Recruitment.

In addition, member firms can avail themselves of very important Services provided through a subsidiary of the NAPR called NAPR SERVICES. This organization provides members with the opportunity to participate in various co-op mailings, which are targeted at various specialties of medicine. These large mailings announce new positions and entice physicians to register with participating firms for positions in the near future. We also target all graduating residents in their final year of training. By having multiple members cooperate in these large mailings, the cost is reduced dramatically and allows for small firms to participate in a search process they might otherwise find cost prohibitive.

Another major service is the web site you are currently on, which contains the ‘WORLD JOB BANK”, a service which allows firms to post all of their offerings to physicians, and also allows firms to search through all of the candidates that register on the site for positions. This site has become one of the largest job boards for physicians on the web. More than 8,000 physicians have registered, and more than 7,000 positions have been listed. This has become one of the most important recruiting tools in the Industry for member firms.

To learn more about the membership types offered by the NAPR and links to our application page, click here or to see additional benefits, click here.

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