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Your personal interview with your prospective future employer is one of the most important events for the furtherance of your career.

We can HELP!
The World Job Bank not only allows you to sort through hundreds of potential openings in your specialty, but when openings of interest to you are found, the NAPR Member firm that represents that opening springs into action:


  • They may help you get to the opening before it is advertised in the journals, so that you get a head start.
  • They will give you a full job description, so that you can present yourself better during the interview.
  • They will assist in developing an itinerary with the client and send it to you in advance, so you will know whom you are meeting.
  • They may assist you with travel arrangements.
  • In some instances, they may be able to pre-pay your travel arrangements with assistance from the client.
  • They will present the client with an exit interview based on your observations about the position.
  • They may assist in compensation and benefit negotiations.
  • They will try to finalize all negotiations and contract terms in a timely fashion.

  • At all stages of your professional search, you will have the benefit of trained professionals assisting you to attain the best professional opportunities. No other web site offers physicians this type of assistance.

So please take the time to Register with the NAPR Site. If you don't see a position that interests you now, new postings in your areas of interest may be entered daily.


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